Confident Brand Creation Mastermind

Join me in my signature in-person coaching program to finally win at branding with strategic clarity and confidence in your intuition to build a brilliant brand


Confident Brand Creation Mastermind

Join me in my signature in-person coaching program to finally win at branding with strategic clarity and confidence in your intuition to build a brilliant brand

The next Confident Brand Creation Mastermind will be starting on 19 April 2021.

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Set a solid brand foundation for a sustainable, profitable business built for success. 

Own Your Brand Space Without Hesitation

Make confident decisions for your brand and business so you stay in the flow and keep you and your business in a growth mindset

Always Know What to Say and When

Become fluent in your brand voice & message so you’re never stuck for words when it comes to talking about your business

Magnetise Your Perfect People

Appeal to your audience’s senses so they feel an emotional pull to your look, feel and language

Grow a Business You Love To Be In

Motivate your perfect people and make it easy to buy from you, then keep them coming back and singing your praises


If you’re over ‘sales pages’ that have you scrolling until your fingers fall off… I promise this is not that and I will get to the guts of it pronto!

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It’s time to confidently step into you unique brand space. To be absolutely clear on how to excite your audience and make confident, intuitive decisions about your brand message and look & feel.

Who it’s for

The Confident Brand Creation Mastermind is perfect for you if…

You’re starting your business and you want to make an intentional investment in create a solid brand to get it right from the outset

You want to scale but you’re feeling stuck. You don’t know how to drive connection and conversion or what systems and tools you need to drive growth.

Your business has evolved and you want to ensure your brand is still doing all the right things as you pivot, grow or scale

You want to have clarity and confidence when you talk about your brand and what your special something is

You feel unsure about how to get the best from working with a graphic designer, maybe you have already and didn’t feel they quite nailed it

You would like to feel more decisive and confident when making decisions about design and marketing

Your current brand is missing the mark, maybe you’ve got a bit of brand shame, and you want to take it to the next level so you feel proud to shout it from the rooftops!

You want to ensure that the money you spend on your brand and marketing is worth every penny

Becky blew us away with the work she did for our rebrand. Her ability to bring to life what was in our heads and hearts and make it so impactful was mind blowing. Alongside this her execution in creating and delivering assets, managing timelines and directing our team went beyond our expectations. She is seriously one of the most impressive people we’ve worked with! She truly got us and this project like no one else.

– Anna Jonak

The Elevatory

How it works

This is a personalised program working with me in a live coaching setting. Over 12 weeks and 12 chapters, we will journey through my signature Whitespace Method together, to build your robust brand. This approach is grounded in 4 fundamental brand building pillars which together create a robust brand that leverages a winning combination of insight and intuition.

My Signature Whitespace Method: 4 Pillars of Brand Success



Confidently show up as the owner of your brand with a big brand mindset that will see you being decisive, single-minded and excited, and create a thriving business



Become fluent in the language of your brand with a compelling message and tone of voice that will communicate your value and connect with your perfect people



Looks matter in branding! Create a professional, memorable, relatable and alluring visual story that perfectly embodies your brand and you’re proud to own



Brand doesn’t end with designing a logo or publishing your website. Now it’s time to leverage your brand making it visible and vibrant to build and grow your business

Program Framework:
Create & Build Your Confident Brand in 12 Chapters

Chapter 1
Your Big Brand Mindset

A key reason brands fail is not their logo design or their website but the mindset of the brand founder. Are you thinking big and taking confident action or are you stuck in indecision, imposter syndrome and overwhelm?

In chapter 1, we will look at the 5 mindset barriers to big brand building and start to challenge and reframe your success saboteurs.

Chapter 2
Goal, Purpose & Vision

What will you be known for? If you don’t know why you exist, how can you make confident decisions? And without a clear purpose, how can you trust and harness your brand intuition. It’s time to crystallise your purpose and your vision to give you laser focus and momentum.

In chapter 2, we will set out what you want for your brand and what it is you do for others so you feel crystal clear about articulating your value.

Chapter 3
Audience Motivation Mapping

How can you create a connection with your perfect people if you don’t know what really matters to them or what makes them tick. You don’t need to know what flavour of ice cream they like or if they’re a scruncher or a folder, but you do need to know what’s going to draw them to you.

In chapter 3, we’ll define who you want to talk to, what really matters to them and what motivates them using my Audience Motivation Mapping tool.

Chapter 4
Competitive Atlas & Your Unique Position

Marketing 101 is to do a competitive analysis, look at their product and their pricing, how they show up on socials and get all FOMO about what they’re doing that you’re not. This is not that!

In chapter 4, we’ll uncover your unique space relative to the rest of the market so you can step into your own indelible brand territory and be uniquely you.

Chapter 5
Brand Messaging Blueprint

What really makes a brand captivating is how it ‘speaks’ to your audience. It’s what makes your perfect person feel that you are absolutely for them, that you are speaking directly to them and that they are seen and understood.

In chapter 5, we’ll apply my signature Brand Messaging Blueprint to your brand to bring to life your voice, your message and your personality as a brand, i.e. what you should say and how you should say it.

Chapter 6
Visual Audit & Positioning

There’s no question, people buy with their hearts and their eyes, and the story and the ‘feel’ that your brand aesthetic creates is so important. Not to mention a confident, beautifully presented brand creates trust, is memorable and magnetic.

In chapter 6, we get visual and create the ‘Brand Mood Square’ that will become the visual inspiration and foundation for your brand’s creative expression.

Chapter 7
Brand Brief & Giving Feedback

A great designer can breathe life into your brand and business, but wow those creative geniuses can be tricky to work with sometimes. They ask tough questions and want you to make creative decisions but you’re not a designer right!? Getting the best from a designer can mean the difference between money down the drain and brand euphoria.

In chapter 7, we’ll bring everything together and prepare to navigate the visual brand creation process. You’ll feel confident about what you want to create, from your winning brand brief, giving feedback and being a design decision making ninja.

Chapter 8
Structuring Your Offer

So often we think of ‘products’ as physical things and in service businesses we leave it up to the client to work out what exactly we’re offering.

In chapter 8, we will ‘productise’ your services and turn them into compelling, easy to buy (and easy to sell) offers. We’ll rationalise so you focus on the things you actually love doing and make you money, and create your suite of services so your prospective client knows exactly what bang they are getting for their buck!

Chapter 9
The Website Project

Things are starting to get real. For almost every business their website is their shop front. It is the place prospective clients go to qualify a recommendation, check if you seem reputable and understand if you are right for them.

In chapter 9, we get browser deep in all things website, from planning out your page architecture, getting clear on your conversion rate optimisation strategy and mapping out what to say and where.

Chapter 10
Brand Authority Funnel

Your Brand Authority Funnel is a cornerstone for how you build trust in your brand and creates a connection with your perfect people that you can go on to nurture.

In chapter 10, we will map out your Brand Authority Funnel, from creating a perfectly compelling ‘lead magnet’, then building out the system and integrations to deliver it including your website lander, data capture tool, email nurture sequence and conversion offer.

Chapter 11
Brand Experience

This, this and more of this! One of the most important rules of business is clients are won over on the emotional promise and lost on service.

In chapter 11, we put the emphasis firmly on creating an authentic, enduring experience for your clients from how you welcome and onboard them to how you keep showing up for them to create a mind-blowing brand experience.

Chapter 12
Brand Activation Framework

Brand creation is NOT the end. The worst mistake you can make now is to sit back, think you’ve created the perfect brand and the people will come. That is why momentum is one of my 4 pillars of branding.

In chapter 12, we’ll build out your brand activation framework: your objectives, communication and content strategy, and your step by step action plan to build momentum in your business.

What you’ll gain

Increased return from any investment you make in design or asset creation

Confidence in how to talk about and market your brand

The core tools you need to market and grow your business

Personalised strategic coaching, input and direction

A brand you can be proud of and want to share

Clear, confident decision-making so you can move quickly in your business

A brand that will attract pre-qualified leads, referrals and the best talent in your industry

Fundamental marketing systems and automations so your brand works harder for you

A clear action plan to drive your brand and business momentum 

Becky Hughes managed the rebranding of Mainstay Marine from beginning to end. Becky’s professionalism and drive, coupled with outstanding levels of customer service, ensured an on-time, in-budget project of the highest creative and technical quality.

The personal relationships we developed with Becky were key.  She helped us to gain a deeper understanding of our business, the competitors, the market, and how to win and advance the business.

I would highly recommend Becky Hughes to anyone looking to rebrand their business.

– Stuart Graves

Mainstay Marine


$1300 + GST P/MONTH for 3 MONTHS

Video Content

Each week for 12 weeks you will gain access to video content that will step you through the theory and practical application of the content

Live Weekly Q&A

To support your learning there is a live Q&A with me each week so you can get feedback and check your progress


Each week you will get step-by step guides to work through and apply the learnings to your brand

Case Studies

See the theory in action with real examples and case studies from business owners just like you

Hi there!

You scrolled all this way!

I’m thrilled and honoured that you’re interested in the Whitespace Mastermind and have taken the time to review all the info. You’re just the kind of person I would love to welcome to the program.

So, a bit about me and why I developed this program in the first place… having worked in branding in the corporate world for 2 decades, I saw big businesses invest big dollars in their brands. However, when I decided to follow my passion and work with small and medium size businesses the story was different.

SME business founders rarely invest in brand strategy in any meaningful way, opting to jump straight into logo design and web development… which is such a missed opportunity.

I saw brand owners reinventing the marketing wheel constantly, feeling unhappy or embarrassed by their branding or unsure what they were about and how they could turn their perfect people on, so to speak!

I was determined to make strategic branding more accessible to all business founders. After all, it can make or break you in the success stakes. So I developed the Whitespace Method and created this mastermind so that more business owners could reap the rewards of investing in brand without the multiple zero price tag.


Becky Hughes is the first person I’ve met in a long time that actually knows what she’s talking about, asks the questions, answers the question(s) and puts it together in a way that we can prepare for lift off. I had a good gut feeling and now I’ve witnessed the start of the journey. I can’t wait to get rolling.

– Rob Stevens


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