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Make brand strategy the yin to your design yang in 8 weeks. Learn the method, steps and tools to confidently deliver industry leading brand strategy solutions.

Brand Strategy for Designers The Brand Method

Brand strategy for the win!

Brand Strategy is a game changer for your design business.
Want to know why…?

Create a high value income stream that will increase your revenue by 50% plus

No need to take on extra clients, this is a value over volume business model which will allow you take on less

Become a sought-after brand strategist and creative leader with clients who trust your expertise

Feel recognised and valued for the quality of your work and the brand outcomes you create

Trust in your process and expertise, and stop doubting your creative abilities


If you’re an established designer – in your own business, in a studio, or solo – ready to set yourself apart in the design community, offer more value to your clients, lead the creative process as a trusted and valued expert, and create a profitable business that lasts… you’ve landed in the right place.

Let’s dive a bit deeper

What you’ll learn over 8 weeks in The Brand Method



There’s no fluff, we’ll jump straight into learning a robust, repeatable research process to underpin your brand strategy.

We’ll cover in detail:

~ The principles of brand strategy and where it fits in the design process

~ The step-by-step brand strategy process detailing what happens when so you can guide your client with confidence

~ Working collaboratively with your client to articulate the business and brand objectives for your client

~ My 5 point research methodology



There’s no fluff, next we’ll jump into learning a thorough, compelling Brand Strategy process and methodology.

We’ll cover in detail:

~ 5 important brand strategy tools that will allow you to pinpoint the right information, draw conclusions and give a framework to your research findings

~ How to confidently use my proprietary brand strategy framework developed over 20+ years in the brand and design industry – The Folklore Brand

~ Principles to ensure you take your client on the journey so they understand, resonate with and love the strategy you create

~ Curating your brand strategy solution into a simple, compelling framework for your client



This key piece is often missing in brand strategy. You will learn the tools and the skills to translate brand strategy into a high impact, meaningful creative solution that your clients understand, love and value.

We’ll cover in detail:

~ A logical framework to present your brand strategy to your client so they appreciate the depth of your approach and the strategic value of your recommendations

~ The 2 essential strategies that should follow your brand strategy before you start design delivery: Narrative Strategy and Design Strategy


Your investment… $2,750 (inc GST) – 8 week, in-person skills development intensive

How it works

What you can expect from your 8 weeks in The Brand Method

Weekly 90 minute interactive seminars to teach you the theory in a fun, engaging format

Live Q&A to support your learning as we go

An initial 30 minute one on one with me to discuss your current brand strategy know-how so I can meet you where you’re at throughout the 8 weeks

Real-world case studies to demonstrate the tools and activities

A choice of 3 brand strategy projects to work on to apply and embed your learnings

Completed portfolio project to demonstrate your brand strategy skills at the end of the 8 weeks

Tailored feedback for your final brand strategy project presentation if you complete it within the 8 weeks


This isn’t like other business courses… it’s a skills development program that will keep giving you a return for years to come.


This process has been scrutinised and validated by some of the biggest and bolshiest brands. It didn’t fall out of a text book or only get tested on micro brands.


The Brand Method teaches you the brand strategy knowledge AND the skills to confidently make it a core part of your business model.


This isn’t just top line theory and fluffery. This is about repeatable efficiencies and profit growth. You will get actionable know-how to make your money back with your first 1-2 clients.

Brand Coaching Program


Time commitment… this is a commitment of at least 4 hours per week. There will be seminar replays available but you will get so much more out of it if you attend in person. Plus you’ll need time each week to work on your case study and embed your learnings.

Design experience… you will have spent at least 2 years either in a design studio or in your own design business honing your design craft. This will give you the important foundations to be able to add brand strategy as a complement to the knowledge you already have. This course won’t suit design newcomers who haven’t worked with design clients on live projects.

Brand strategy immersion… this is a skill that will enhance the experience and outcomes for you and your clients. It’s not just a money spinner. If you go all in and make brand strategy central to what you do, not just a tag on with a quick client questionnaire, this program will pay you back in spades!

Brand Coaching Program
Bec Hughes Creative Business Coach

Your Brand Strategy Expert

I’m not a self taught brand strategist. There’s only so far books and YouTube videos can take you. Really learning the trade takes outside guidance. It doesn’t have to be learned in the classroom, but it can’t be crafted in a vacuum either.

I’ve spent more than 20 years in the brand and design industry. I’ve working in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia on some of the biggest name brands… Unilever, Nestle, Pepsico, Woolworths, Tesco, to name a few.

I’ve been mentored by some brilliant brand minds and worked with brand models from the Brand Square, the Brand Onion and the Golden Circle to the Brand Key. I’ve talked brand in big boardrooms and with small and micro business owners.

In that time I’ve redeveloped my own approach to brand strategy based on what works and what I saw as the gaps. My approach is repeatable, predictable and results-focused. Clients enjoy the journey, see the value and reap the rewards.

Now, having created brand strategy solutions for my clients and fine-tuned my approach over 2 decades, all I really want is to share it with you.

Brand strategy is THE game-changer for graphic designers who want to be more than a design doer.

Bec Hughes Creative Business Coach


Maybe it’s a controversial opinion but I don’t think Brand strategy is something you can wing.

And it’s not as simple as a list of values and personality traits that your client shares with you in a questionnaire.

Brand Strategy, done well, is the invisible fuel behind any spot-on brand. You can’t see brand strategy, but when you meet a crystal clear brand that leaps out from the crowd, you know it’s there.

Being the person responsible for creating that kind of impact and value feels pretty damn good.

And here’s the kicker… not only does it push your client well above the parapet, it also does the same for you. You go from producer to consultant. A cost to a valuable investment. Being directed by your clients to being the creative leader. Justifying ever hour and dollar to charging a premium and making no apologies.

So we better get started don’t you think?

Bec Hughes Creative Business Coach

A glimpse inside my brand strategy model

Folklore is a shared narrative to make a message more meaningful through stories that tap into our most intimate and raw hopes, desires and fears.


The Folklore Brand™ calls on this same method for message sharing, to create brands that give people the meaning they’re searching for, the understanding they need and the real connections they crave. It shapes a brand that fulfils the most motivating human desire of all, the self-image they want to project to the world.

The Folklore Brand

So, are we doing this?

The world of design is crowded, and clients are looking for the promise of more meaningful value for their investment. There has never been a better time to make brand strategy your thing.

Join the guest list so you don’t miss out. Registrations and one-on-one sessions open on 11 March 2024 (1st seminar w/c 18 March) or if you prefer to chat first you know where to find me…

Bec Hughes | Mentor to Designers and Creatives

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