Get the Brand Everyone Else Wishes They Had

From A to Brand Brilliance. This is brand strategy you can actually use to elevate & expand your business.

Get the brand everyone else wishes they had

From A to Brand Brilliance. This is brand strategy you can actually use to elevate & expand your business.

If you’re a service-based business ready to raise the brand bar and create a catalyst for growth in your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re launching a new business and want to get it right from day dot, or you’ve outgrown what you have and it’s time to rebrand, together we’ll create the strategic brand your business deserves.

This is where strategic insight meets creative spark to create brand brilliance. All guided by seamless process management, so you never feel blind-sided, out of control or overwhelmed.


Brand Strategy & Creation packages start from AU$5,000

The brand strategy exercise we invested in with Bec Hughes is without a doubt paying off and it’s a key ingredient to our business surviving and continuing to pull in ideal clients in the otherwise challenging time of Covid19. We went through the whole strategy journey, including strategy and messaging development.

The preparation and journey Bec took us through in the initial stages of the project opened our eyes to the narrative we needed to use in order to speak to our target market. Since Becky’s work on our business, we are confident when we communicate with a potential client and have a brand that is unique to the industry we operate in. We have been approached by several high profile affiliates and have no doubt that has been influenced strongly by our new more connected brand presence.

– Zahirah Ismail

Home of Visas

Brand Compass

So, you want to elevate your brand in a big way and get a crystal-clear brand and messaging strategy. Brand Compass is the experience you’ve been waiting for so you can start wearing your value on the outside.

The results

This is the foundation for your unique brand. You will have a user-friendly strategic document detailing your brand strategy, along with a practical messaging framework, enabling you to use your brand strategy in real applications so you have the words you need at your fingertips.

 Standout and own your unique space

 Know exactly what you do and why

 Take courageous business action with a clear brand strategy roadmap

 Have the right words, tone and messages to amplify your value

 Consistently show up with a professional, magnetic presence

 Feel connected to a brand you’re proud of and resonate with

 No more hanging your head in brand shame

What you’ll get

  • Minimum of 2 x 60-minute in-depth sessions with me to get clarity on your brand, discuss strategic insights, guide and support you through the process and handover at the conclusion of the project
  • Project plan and timeline so you know exactly what to expect from our time together
  • The Brand Compass Strategy – my signature framework created to take the complex and convoluted brand landscape and distil it down into a simple but in-depth strategic blueprint to define your brand
  • Brand Messaging Map – you’ll never be stuck for words. From your website headline and descriptor, your social media profile and elevator pitch, to your content pillars and brand features & benefits

Becky blew us away with the work she did for our rebrand. Her ability to bring to life what was in our heads and hearts and make it so impactful was mind blowing. Alongside this her execution in creating and delivering assets, managing timelines and directing our team went beyond our expectations. She is seriously one of the most impressive people we’ve worked with! She truly got us and this project like no one else.

– Anna Jonak

The Elevatory

Becky brilliantly understood our business and market positioning to establish our brand story and guidelines. I am so excited to have a strong, strategic brand foundation for the first time from which to grow the business and our market presence.

– Sarah Parkinson


Becky Hughes managed the rebranding of Mainstay Marine from beginning to end. Becky’s professionalism and drive, coupled with outstanding levels of customer service, ensured an on-time, in-budget project of the highest creative and technical quality.

The personal relationships we developed with Becky at were key.  She helped us to gain a deeper understanding of our business, the competitors, the market, and how to win and advance the business.

I would highly recommend Becky Hughes to anyone looking to rebrand their business.

– Stuart Graves

Mainstay Marine

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