Grow with 1:1 Business Coaching for Brand-led Creatives and take back control of your creativity, time and finances


Grow with 1:1 Business Coaching for Brand-led Creatives and take back control of your creativity, time and finances

Hey creative compadre

Let’s imagine for a second…

You’re working with clients who love and value your work

You’re making money rather than working all the hours and wondering where it all went

You’re not reliant on creative agencies who want creativity on tap and give you the dud briefs

You manage your time rather than feeling pressured by the dreaded timesheet!

You feel confident quoting for projects and communicating your value

Client service feels organised and easy not like a creativity drain

You feel in charge of the creative process, not that the project or client is dictating to you

Not quite how things are shaping up?

Sounds to me like it’s time to introduce your creative side to your business side… and become the Creative Business Leader you want to be.

Hi there, I ‘m Bec Hughes

I ‘m Bec Hughes

I am passionate about working with graphic designers, web designers and brand-led creatives to help them succeed in business because I’ve been there myself.

Just a little bit of BTS to get the ball-rolling… I’m a lover of coffee and ultra-dark chocolate, obsessed with animal print and renovation shows.

I’m also a brand creator and business coach for creatives.

What qualifies me to do all this? Well, I’ve done the freelance thing (good for a time, far from good), and spent 15+ years as a strategy, design, and business development leader in agency-land in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

I know all about the challenges that face designers in agencies, why they decide to make the jump and find their own creative freedom, and the rollercoaster that follows to make that work.

For the past 7 years (and counting) I’ve built my own successful brand and design consultancy. One that serves me and my clients equally. I believe that’s the way it should be.

I’m your business growth consultant, brand strategist, cheerleader, mood-lightener (when it’s needed), advocate and blue-sky thinker.

And I’m here to see you grow and thrive on your terms.

Brand Coaching Program

The creative business insider

Is where creative meets business, and things go from average to amazing.

Business Coach for Creatives

What’s that?

Is this right for you?

The Creative Business Insider coaching is for brand-led designers and creatives who want to get serious about growing their business with integrity and intention…

But reality looks like:

 Your clients are walking all over you and don’t value your creative work

 You always over-invest and don’t get paid for it, meaning profit is just pie-in-the-sky

 You’re starting to lose your creative mojo because of the daily grind

 You’re over #freelancerlife and want to take charge of your own time, money and work

 It feels like other designers in your industry have their sh*t together but you don’t

 You’re starting to wonder if it would just be better to get a full-time job than go it alone

 You never charge enough and end up feeling ripped off at the end of a project

 Clients are being demanding and unreasonable and you’re tired of the conflict

 Your inbox is overflowing with unread emails and invoices aren’t up to date because you hate doing the admin


Well. Hold. The. Phone.


Hold. The. Phone.

Because you’ve come to the right place.

This is where you’ll find one to one, personalised support for your creative business from someone who’s been there… right there is your shoes.

 3 or 6 month coaching crafted to suit your goals

 Fortnightly 60 minute Zoom calls scheduled to fit in with your commitments

 Initial 90 minute deep-dive into your business to identify your aspirations, opportunities and challenges, and plan out a program that works for you

 Resources, templates and guides from the vast library I use in my own business

 Email support from me so you can keep focused and match-fit between sessions

 Practical and on-purpose sessions that focus on key objectives and outcomes to move you forward

 Personalised, easy to use portal where our session recordings, notes and shared resources will be housed

Business Coach for Creatives

I’ve known about Becky’s work for years, and so was thrilled to get the chance to work with her on my business. She was spot on with all her words and ideas and I just love the direction and clarity she has helped me create.

I can highly recommend her… she is organised, totally committed to the success of others AND creative.

– Eliza Ludwig

The Flow Society


3 Months 1:1 Tailored Coaching

3 Monthly payments of $825 (AUD Inc GST) – 6 sessions

1 Payment of $2,200 – Save $275 (AUD inc GST)

6 Months 1:1 Tailored Coaching

6 Monthly payments of $825 (AUD inc GST) – 12 sessions

1 Payment of $4,400 – Save $550 (AUD inc GST)

Or if you prefer to email me… becky@bechughes.com

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