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There are only 2 types of brand, the brilliant and the bang average. The good news is you can choose which one you’re going to be.

OK, I know you get it. ‘Brand’ is important, but what does that actually mean?

Everyone’s chirping on about how you need to build the brand that says all the right things. Talks the talk and walks the walk. Is magnetic to your perfect people. Makes you the jam in their doughnut and the cherry on their cake.

Easy for everyone else to say, am I right!? You’ve got the basics, the logo, the website, and you’re dipping into the socials! But now what? You’ve got clients but you know there’s so much more you could be doing.

Finding the right words, looking good, creating engaging content and taking decisive action is not easy.

Amongst all the things you need to do, you need to be a brand expert now too. But no one’s teaching you how to do that on YouTube!

Seeing your own brand value clearly is tricky. You can feel blinded by bright lights, and stuck in indecision and overwhelm.

There’s only so much hoping, wishing, Googling and DIYing you can do.

How do you cut through when there’s so much choice?

It can be the smallest of things that push your perfect people into the arms of another brand.

There comes a point in every brand’s lifetime that it will need a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective, and some worldly-wise expertise to kick things up a gear. To see your value when you can’t see the forest for the trees.

That’s where I come in.

You’ve come to the right place if you…

Have an established service-based business

Want to get unstuck and move your brand on or up

Want to ensure your brand is supporting not sabotaging your success

Have had enough of cringing about your brand look & feel

Want to clearly articulate your value and what you offer

Are thinking of a rebrand and want to do it right this time (rebrand is not a requirement of the program)

Want to raise the bar and start taking a professional stance with your brand

Feel ready to take action and start investing back in your brand to work with the right experts

Want to own your unique position and value, and start talking about it, confidently and consistently

Recognise it’s time to dig deep to ensure every little bit of your brand is optimised for growth

Want your brand reviewed, defined and amplified through a strategic and objective lens

Crave inspiration and ideas to reignite and energise you in your business

Working with Becky so closely in my business over 6 months has taken me further than I could have gone in 3 years on my own. We refined my messaging, gave my website a serious level of polish and created so many assets including new evergreen and digital products. Business is better with a Becky in your corner!

Karina Savage


I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me this year. Connecting with you was definitely the best decision I made for my business and I’m so excited about where things might go next year. Having been so resistant to changing my website, I’m thrilled with how it looks and everything just feels much more consistent with me, who I am and how I work.

Dr Jo Hely

Insight Medical careers

I want your brand to be the best it can possibly be.

> No more head scratching about what you should or shouldn’t say.

> No more cringing at how your brand looks.

> No more worrying your competitors just seem to be ‘getting it’ better than you.

> No more reinventing, rewording and reworking everything because it’s not quite right (or very wrong!).

> No more half-hearted action because you’re not really sure what you should be doing in a way that feels aligned to you!

It’s time to raise the brand bar and the roof.

Elevate & Expand will give you the what and the how.

I’m going to cut to the chase.

We’re not going to spend weeks and months working on your mindset and forget to take action or create traction.

At the end of this you will have brand-led skills, plans, tools, assets, ideas and results you didn’t have before.

This is based on my experience working with hundreds of brands, big and small, across a range of industries. It’s crafted from 20+ years of knowing and experiencing first-hand what actually makes brands successful. Hint: it’s not their logo.

This is insight-based coaching applied to your business for a specific and unique outcome.

It is not the formula I followed that I’m now going to shoe-horn your business into.

In short, I’m the brand strategist, design consultant, cheerleader, advocate and blue-sky thinker you didn’t know you needed!


What works for Joe Blogs probably won’t work for you. Whilst your program is built on the foundations of the 8 strategic imperatives for brand growth, our focus, process and outcomes are tailored to you.


Theory is the engine, but creativity is the rocket fuel. As a creative professional, I’ll bring the design expertise, the strategic insight and the implementation know how, aka Your Triple Threat.


Your brand is a lifelong commitment. This coaching is not. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to, we can work together until we’re old and wrinkly. But I’d much rather you walk away in a defined timeframe with the clarity, tools and action plan to keep doing it for yourself.


This is about your brand, no one else’s. We combine 1:1 and group settings because you’re as unique as the solutions we’ll create. We take an intimate, in-depth look at what your brand needs to be for you and what you need to be for your brand.

What you’ll gain


A professional, polished brand presence

Confidence in how to express your unique value

A robust brand strategy that will stand the test of time

An enhanced and optimised design look & feel

Defined messages and tone of voice so you know what to say and how to say it

The 4 essential practices to nurture and maintain your brand equity


Support to work with your chosen creatives to build powerful brand assets

Ideas and actions to explore new channels and opportunities for your business

A clear portfolio of new and refined services that are aligned to what you want to achieve

The plan and the actions to build momentum and be seen

The confidence and reassurance to make informed decisions and take inspired action

Together, we’re going to get things firing so you have the brand everyone else wishes they had.

The Elevate & Expand Brand Coaching Program is tailored to your brand and business goals, using the 8 strategic imperatives for brand growth as our framework

Imperative 1


Set the course for where you’re heading and why

Imperative 2


Find your meaning, what are you here to do and what’s your unique flavour

Imperative 3


Make your brand meaningful and magnetic to the people that matter

Imperative 4


Make it easy to buy from you with value-led products and services

Imperative 5


Build your ‘on-brand’ assets to amplify your brand presence

Imperative 6


Protect your equity with essential maintenance tools and practices

Imperative 7


Confident creative outsourcing that gets the right results for your investment

Imperative 8


Actions that magnify your results in the 5 key territories for brand growth

The nuts & bolts

We will connect regularly over 16 weeks. This will include 3 x 1:1 sessions perfectly paced throughout our time together to ensure the program and the outcomes are tailored to you.

As well as our sessions together, I will share resources, templates, workbooks, frameworks, recommendations and content to support your results.

Accountability, support and actual results are very important to me. As well as the 12 weeks of structured content we’ll have a complimentary month together at the close so you can have time to reflect, ask questions and implement without any new information to take on board.

In our weekly sessions we will:

Audit and analyse every aspect of your brand message, positioning, communication assets and customer experience

Blue-sky, brainstorm and test ideas to elevate your brand and expand your opportunities

Apply knowledge and frameworks so you get clear answers

Create decisive actions and keep you accountable

Review your progress and course correct as needed

What’s inside…?

1:1 Strategy Sessions

3 individual in-depth, tailored sessions

Brand Open Door

Weekly open-ended sessions to answer questions or brainstorm ideas

Live Learning

Structured weekly group sessions to explain and expand the content


Workbooks, guides and frameworks to promote and facilitate your outcomes

Into Action Month

A complimentary 4-week container at the end to reflect, clarify and put learnings into practice

I’m keen if you are!

Join the waitlist and we’ll start the year right with a January 2022 kick-off.

Just FYI spaces will be limited to 10.

This isn’t a sale gimmick. I limit the participants so I can give everyone the individual attention you deserve.

If you join the waitlist you’ll be in the inner circle, and you’ll have 24 hours to jump in before I open up registration to anyone else.

I would love to work with you, hopefully that goes without saying. But I’ll say it anyway, just in case.

I’m Bec Hughes

As a brand creator, strategist and coach, I help service business founders build their brand and tell their own story in the most magnetic and compelling way possible.

Brand sets you apart. It’s fundamental and foundational for any business.

But this brand thing isn’t voodoo or alchemy. It’s not some secret sauce and it’s not just for the big boys and girls with big wallets.

It’s the unique space that you occupy, the magic you create for your perfect people. It’s the way you bundle that up into one all singing, all dancing little package that’s the essence of you and you alone.

Brand is for everyone. I’m on a mission to cut through the fluff, the intimidation and the indecision, to help ambitious service-business founders raise the brand bar in their business.

Client love

We had been tweaking our website and got to the stage that we just wanted to take our site down, insert Bec Hughes! Becky understood our business concept, she really got to know us and our business. Her advice and creativity ensured the whole process of re-branding was an easy transition. Now we have a website that we are proud to show off. Working with Becky has been by far the best investment we have made for our business.

– Lindy Buchanan

Unique Management

I am so pleased to have worked with Becky and was very impressed with the time and research she undertook to truly understand my business. She brings a wealth of information and experience to every meeting which has enabled me to understand this process better and make the right decisions at every step of the way. Her pragmatic thinking ensured nothing was missed and the correct branding approach was achieved.

– Dr Kieren Wilson

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Becky blew us away with the work she did for our rebrand. Her ability to bring to life what was in our heads and hearts and make it so impactful was mind blowing. Alongside this her execution in creating and delivering assets, managing timelines and directing our team went beyond our expectations. She is seriously one of the most impressive people we’ve worked with! She truly got us and this project like no one else.

– Anna Jonak

The Elevatory

Becky brilliantly understood our business and market positioning to establish our brand story and guidelines. I am so excited to have a strong, strategic brand foundation for the first time from which to grow the business and our market presence.

– Sarah Parkinson


Still want more?
Well good on you for digging deep for all the ins and outs.

I’ve got a designer I work with, why do I need a brand coach?

Firstly, you can absolutely keep working with your designer. There’s a good chance some design opportunities and actions will come out of our work together, so an existing relationship with a designer you love working with is great.

As part of our work together we’ll look at effective creative outsourcing, project management, budgeting and giving feedback to get the results you want, so hopefully it will have a positive impact on that relationship too!

What I would also say is there is so much more to brand than design execution. Tone of voice and messaging, brand experience, your service portfolio and the systems and practices you have in place are all super important too. And they’re what we’ll focus on in Elevate and Expand Your Brand, just as much if not more than the design doings.

In addition to your designer, you may want to work with a developer, copywriter, ads or SEO specialist or social media manager (just a few examples) in the future. What you learn will help you to choose and have a great working relationship with those people too.

I’ve already created my branding, what else will this program give me?

That’s great, amazing that you’ve committed to branding your business. In short, this program will do a lot to evaluate, fine-tune and build on that branding.

The first thing to note is there the difference between brand and branding.

Brand is strategy focused – your positioning, unique messaging, purpose and goals, and the principles that support brand experience and your products and services. Brand is strongest when strategy comes first and forms the foundation for the visual expression.

Your ‘branding’ typically refers to the application of your brand: your logo, colour palette, fonts and visual signposts that create your visual presence.

Not always, but often business owners jump straight to execution with a logo to get the ball rolling in their business and there isn’t much time or budget for strategic investment. It’s later down the track when they want to raise the bar and start building some serious traction that it pays to revisit the strategic foundations.

If you’re in a similar position, then diving into your strategy now may unearth some visual optimisations that can make all the difference. If you’re branding is on the money, and is insight-led and robust, then this program will give you the rocket fuel to leverage it. To review and enhance your marketing tools, customer experience, actions to build momentum and how you ensure your brand has longevity.

I’m a start-up, is this right for me?

The program is tailored for businesses that have some experience under their belt and want to take their brand to the next level to meet their growth goals.

However, if you’re a start-up and you’re serious about doing it right first time, you will gain a huge amount of value from this program too. It will ensure you have solid strategic foundations and build a brand you love that will last.

This program isn’t a DIY design course. What it will do is give you the skills, confidence and resources to be a savvy brand owner and put a professional, ‘I mean business’ foot forward from day dot.

Will you do any design work?

In short, no. In the program you will get the benefit of my design expertise however I won’t be putting pen to paper or mouse to mac.

Having worked as a senior creative in design agencies across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia I know a thing or two about managing commercial design projects, supporting other designers and getting amazing creative outcomes.

It’s a win win. You can tap into my design experience and have an objective set of eyes on any professional design work you commission.

Just note, I’m not here to turn you into a designer. What we can do together, with my guidance and support, is enhance your design assets and execution for better brand results.

PS That’s not to say I can’t or won’t work with you to produce brand design work. I have done for you brand packages that I would love to work through with you. It’s just not the goal of this program.

What happens if I miss a session?

No problem. All the sessions will be recorded and made available for you to watch back whenever and as often as you like.

What are the payment terms?

The program runs over 16 weeks.

The first 3 months (12 weeks) is when we’ll work through the learnings and frameworks, and have our 1:1 sessions.

The final 4 weeks is complimentary. There’s no new content, it’s just time to allow you to gain the full impact from the program.

You pay in 3 equal monthly instalments, the first payment is required to confirm your enrolment in the program. As I said, the 4th and final ‘Into Action’ month is complimentary.

When does the next Elevate & Expand program run?

I love starting a new year with great intentions and decisive action. But I never start on 1 January. I believe in having time to enjoy the Australian summer, roll into the year off the back of Christmas. January is all too often the month of big intentions unfulfilled!

Elevate & Expand Your Brand will start on Monday 31st January 2022 and run until 21st May 2022.

The kids are back in school in Australia, the post Christmas chilled vibes are melting away and we’re gearing up for the big new year action taking.

How much access do I have to you outside of our sessions?

We will meet ‘live’ at least once a week, twice most weeks so there is ample opportunity to ask questions and pick my brains. We also have 3 x 1:1 sessions which are a great opportunity to dig deep on your specific thoughts, ideas and needs.

I’m not available to answer questions between those sessions. That’s when I’m creating new content for the program, reviewing and processing new ideas for you based on our sessions and working on private brand client strategy and design work.

But I don’t want to rebrand my business, will I get any other value from the program?

All good. There is no expectation that you should rebrand or should enter the program planning to rebrand. Of course, if I feel you current brand is really holding you back we’ll discuss it, weigh up your options and you can make a decision.

This program will give you a whole raft of additional knowledge and insight to apply to your brand in other ways. A step up doesn’t always mean a rebrand, far from it. There are lots of levers you can pull to raise the brand bar in your business.

I can’t afford to spend money on my brand so I want to DIY, is this program right for me?

This program is not about teaching you to DIY your brand, far from it. It’s about empowering you with the skills and knowledge every brand owner should have, including the skills, confidence and foresight to outsource when it’s the right thing to do.

If your brand is genuinely below par, then I strongly recommend you invest. Your appeal, including the professional, polished, relatable, image you present, will make or break your brand.

Perception is reality. And if you’re not creating the right perception with an ownable, high quality brand image, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for empowerment and DIY in the right settings. However, Canva is a design tool, it does not make you a designer! It’s important to recognise when investing in a professional is going to significantly shift the dial and to see that as an investment in making money, not a cost.

If you don’t invest in yourself, why should your clients invest in you?

What can I expect to get out of our time together?

Whatever you want. From a brand building perspective of course! Ultimately this program will allow you to put all the mechanics in place for a brilliant brand. It will give you access to the strategic, principles and tools that big brands with big resources use.

In practical terms you will have:

  • A brand strategy that keeps you on course
  • An understanding of how to communicate for the greatest impact
  • Your visual brand guidelines bottomed out and documented
  • A clear set of messages and copy to call on
  • Optimised assets including your website and business templates
  • An enhanced customer journey
  • Procedures to ensure your brand and its assets are protected and nurtured
  • An action plan to build momentum and leverage your brilliant brand
  • Strategies and templates to confidently work with creative suppliers and get great outcomes and ROI
  • The confidence swagger that comes with having a brand that nails it

I have a product, retail or MLM business, will it work for me?

This program is specifically designed for service-based businesses. Whilst many brand principles remain the name for service and product brands, there are important nuances that are different both in terms of strategic approach and the assets they require. The needs of a product-based brand are not dealt with specifically in this program.

I've been thinking about rebranding, how will this program support that process?

Oh my is this the program for you!?

Rebrand is my jam. I’ve helped so many businesses to rebrand effectively from solopreneurs to multi-nationals. I love the process and the outcomes it creates when done right.

I fully understand that many business owners start small in the early days with a DIY logo. It’s about testing the water without making big, scary investments. However, when the time’s right, and you recognise that a rebrand is going to take things up a notch, I’m your person.

This program is exactly what you need to get the rebrand you and your business need. From setting your intentions and goals, doing the strategic groundwork for your future brand direction, writing the creative brief, choosing and managing your creative partner, and creating the assets you need and the plan to leverage the new you. This is where you need to be right now.

Can you tell I’m excited for you!!?

Why is the final month complimentary, what do I get?

The 4th and final ‘Into Action’ month (4 weeks) is free.

It is my gift to you to ensure you get absolute maximum results and input from me to put everything into practice once you have time and space to reflect.

There are too many courses that load you up with content only to pull the rug at the end and you’re left with your head spinning and without the clarity and outcomes you came for.

Not with Elevate & Expand. I’ve often been criticised for overdelivering. Well sorry, not sorry. If this is me overdelivering then I’m more than OK with that.

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