12 mistakes that will damage your brand… and how to avoid them


Are you sabotaging your business success?

Not sure? Maybe? Probably?


This ebook is the essential entrepreneur’s guide to removing the barriers and building a brand that drives business growth.


You’ll discover…

 12 of the most common mistakes that business owners make that damage your brand and impair results

 The one thing that is ruining your image right now… which you don’t know about. The good news, it’s easy to fix!

 What your ideal client really wants from you… and what they don’t!

 How business is won and the most important thing you need to know about keeping it!

 The 8-point action list that you can implement TODAY to improve the perception of your brand immediately

I’m Bec Hughes

As a brand creator, strategist and coach, I help service business founders tell their own story in the most magnetic and compelling way possible.

Brand sets you apart. It’s fundamental and foundational for any business.

But this brand thing isn’t voodoo or alchemy. It’s not some secret sauce and it’s not just for the big boys and girls with big wallets.

It’s the unique space that you occupy, the magic you create for your perfect people. It’s the way you bundle that up into one all singing, all dancing little package that’s the essence of you and you alone.

Brand is for everyone. I’m on a mission to cut through the fluff, the intimidation and the indecision to make brand an intuitive driving force in every business.

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