7 Profit Plumping Strategies… to Grow Your Creative Business

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In this training you’ll learn…

 Why it’s so important to distinguish between turnover and profit 

 The Time & Profit Equation and why not all profit is good for you

 The single most important thing you need more of in your creative business

 The essential foundational principle for building a sustainable, profitable business you love being in

 7 profit generating strategies that work without burning out your time or creative flow


Are you over working into the wee hours without the cash to show for it?

Maybe the money is coming in but it feels hard won?

Or perhaps you’re ready to grow and want to do even bigger and better?


In this training video along with practical workbook you will discover 7 simple strategies to grow without compromising your creative mojo or sacrificing your sanity.

30 minute training video to step you through all of the learnings and action points. 

11 page workbook to step you through the strategies and create an action plan.

Business Coach for Creatives

I ‘m Bec Hughes

Business Coach for Creatives,
Creative Coach for Businesses,
Brand Strategist and 
Graphic Designer

Everyday I see amazing, talented graphic designers and creatives doing their thing… solving creative problems, innovating and crafting wow worthy work.

But whilst they invest time honing their creative skills, who’s teaching them how to run a successful creative business…? To manage the money, the clients and the projects to make a healthy profit, stay sane and hold on to their creative mojo.

For almost 2 decades, I worked in global agencies as a design, strategy and business lead. I helped those agencies grow and expand, whilst sticking to their guns, cultivating happy people and producing great work.

And for the last 7 years I’ve built (and stayed in love with) my own successful, multi-six figure creative consultancy… on my terms.

And now, amazing creative person, I want to help you do the same.

I’ve known about Becky’s work for years, and so was thrilled to get the chance to work with her on my business. She was spot on with all her words and ideas and I just love the direction and clarity she has helped me create.

I can highly recommend her… she is organised, totally committed to the success of others AND creative.

– Eliza Ludwig

The Flow Society

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