Raise the Brand BarNot Your Blood Pressure


Is 2022 the year you commit to your brand and make it the best it can be in order to grow your business? 


If any of this sounds like you, you’re in the right place:

~ Fed-up of feeling like your brand is a bit mediocre

~ Worry your competitors are more professional, polished or magnetic than you

~ Stuck for words for your socials, content and more

~ Wasting money with creative suppliers who aren’t delivering for you

~ Would rather boil your head than share your website and get a bit red-faced about your brand look & feel

~ Feeling stressed and overwhelmed about how to ‘fix’ your brand, after all (I’m guessing) you’re not a designer, brand strategist or other similar ‘brandie’ person

~ Wondering why everyone else appears to have this brand thing sorted while you go from tinkering in Canva to putting out email automation fail fires

What we’ll chat about (we’ll go deep, don’t be fooled by my friendly, flippant use of the word ‘chat’)…

Brand is so important to business growth and success, heck it might be the most important thing (maybe I’m biased, convince me!). So why, oh why are so many brands below par? Well that is one of the questions we’ll tackle in this webinar, along with:

 The real impact of brand on your bottom line

 The ONE reason your brand isn’t working for you

 The 5 killer questions big brand owners and managers make sure they can answer

 How your headspace affects brand growth

 The 4 essential brand growth pillars to ensure you grow with the flow

I’m Bec Hughes

As a brand creator, strategist and coach, I help service business founders tell their own story in the most magnetic and compelling way possible.

Brand sets you apart. It’s fundamental and foundational for any business.

But this brand thing isn’t voodoo or alchemy. It’s not some secret sauce and it’s not just for the big boys and girls with big wallets.

It’s the unique space that you occupy, the magic you create for your perfect people. It’s the way you bundle that up into one all singing, all dancing little package that’s the essence of you and you alone.

Brand is for everyone. I’m on a mission to cut through the fluff, the intimidation and the indecision to make brand an intuitive driving force in every business.

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