Kind words about me

Kind words about me

I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. Connecting with you was definitely the best decision I made for my business and I’m so excited about where things might go next year. Having been so resistant to changing my website, I’m thrilled and everything just feels much more consistent with me, who I am and how I work.

– Dr Jo Hely

Insight Medical Careers

We had been tweaking our website and got to the stage that we just wanted to take our site down, insert Bec Hughes! Becky understood our business concept, she really got to know us and our business. Her advice and creativity ensured the whole process of re-branding was an easy transition. Now we have a website that we are proud to show off. Working with Becky has been by far the best investment we have made for our business.

– Lindy Buchanan

Unique Management

I’ve known about Becky’s work for years, and so was thrilled to get the chance to work with her on my rebranding and brand story/brand voice. She was spot on with all her words and ideas and I just love the brand name, concepts and story she created for me.

I can highly recommend her for your branding, brand voice and website design and implementation. She is organised AND creative.

– Eliza Ludwig

The Flow Society

The only good thing about missed opportunities is that you’ll probably never have to find out that you missed them.

The rebrand exercise we invested in with Becky Hughes is without a doubt paying off and it’s a key ingredient to our business surviving and continuing to pull in ideal clients in the otherwise challenging time of Covid19. We went through the whole journey, from Brand Story, designing a new logo, new website, brochures and business cards.

Becky did not just design us a new look. The preparation and journey she took us through in the initial stages of the project opened our eyes to the narrative we needed to use in order to speak to our target market. Since Becky’s work on our business, we are confident when we communicate with a potential client and have a brand that is unique to the industry we operate in. We have been approached by several high profile affiliates and have no doubt that has been influenced strongly by our new more connected brand presence.

– Zahirah Ismail

Home of Visas

Becky Hughes is the first person I’ve met in a long time that actually knows what she’s talking about, asks the questions, answers the question(s) and puts it together in a way that we can prepare for lift off. I had a good gut feeling and now I’ve witnessed the start of the journey. I can’t wait to get rolling.

– Rob Stevens


Becky brilliantly understood our business and market positioning to establish our brand story and guidelines. I am so excited to have a strong, strategic brand foundation for the first time from which to grow the business and our market presence.

– Sarah Parkinson


Following an acquisition we engaged Becky Hughes to help us overhaul the way we engaged with our customers, enhance our employee brand and re-establish the business reputation. 

The personal relationships we developed with Becky at were key.  She helped us to gain a deeper understanding of our business, the competitors, the market, and how to win and advance the business.

I would highly recommend Becky Hughes.

– Stuart Graves

Mainstay Marine

Becky blew us away with the work she did for our rebrand. Her ability to bring to life what was in our heads and hearts and make it so impactful was mind blowing. Alongside this her execution in creating and delivering assets, managing timelines and directing our team went beyond our expectations. She is seriously one of the most impressive people we’ve worked with! She truly got us and this project like no one else.

– Anna Jonak

The Elevatory

Since my rebrand I have had so much positive feedback for my website and I’m so confident about my message and my design direction. However, the most significant impact has been the instantaneous uplift in the value of each customer order – it has literally tripled. I have absolute certainly that this is because my newly defined and expressed brand, thanks to Becky Hughes, is now attracting our perfect prospect!

– Kate Berry

Just Gorgeous Things

Becky Hughes was recommended to us when we were looking for help to create a simple logo for our start up venture. 

Becky took the time to really understand what our company was about and where we wanted to take things. She explained the value of taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of brand identity and brand creation before rushing into what we thought was a “simple logo”. She helped us understand the value of considering message, language, colours, fonts, names all as part of a much bigger and more defined purpose. 

We can now appreciate how powerful and valuable a “simple logo” can be if you get it right!

– Louise Greenaway


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