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Have you ever considered creating a web development revenue stream? On this episode of The C Word podcast I have a fab chat with Nikki Hamilton from Seedling Digital.

We dive onto the opportunity for designers to up-skill, expand their business offer and income, and create a web development revenue stream.

We cover:

~ The pitfalls for designers starting in website development

~ Why it’s such a big opportunity for designers and a natural fit

~ How to get started with a website development revenue stream

Nikki also shares her personal story as a self taught brand and web designer, and the impact of her recent ADHD and autism diagnosis.


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What I love most about this episode is how accessible and doable Nikki makes the tech side of web development to everyone, she’s open and honest and doesn’t make it seem scary or a special club just for the coding clique. And what I love most about Nikki is she’s a natural born one woman cheer squad. Nikki wants everyone to succeed, particularly to make money with WordPress and she’s an open book about that and everything else.

Nikki has worked in marketing for over 10 years and has been a freelance digital designer for over 3 years. I would prefer to say gun business owner and entrepreneur.

She’s a degree-qualified teacher, which is one of the things that makes her so adept as a course creator and mentor. And if Nikki had to binge-watch something on repeat, it would have to be Beyonce’s Homecoming documentary.That might be the only thing we disagree on, sorry Beyonce fans!

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