Reflections on Freedom Day in NSW from an Outgoing Introvert

If you’re in Australia, I’m sure you know, Monday 11th October 2021 was dubbed ‘freedom day’ in NSW.

I live in Sydney, so in theory I should have been racing to Kmart to stock up on storage jars and then gorging on nigiri at the local sushi train.

But to be honest, I just feel like hiding for a bit longer. 

I think lots of people who know me would say I’m confident, outgoing and have strong opinions I don’t mind sharing.

I also love my own space, time with my creative thoughts, being in a cocoon of calm.

If I had to give myself a label, I’m probably an outgoing introvert. There are aspects of lockdown that have suited me just fine.

~ No pressure to be social and make plans
~ Time to just be
~ Having my babies close at a time when things outside don’t feel safe

I know plenty of people have struggled and I’m lucky to be able to say all this.

But now, as I see the ‘freedom day’ celebrations at every turn… everyone rushing to shop, get their eyebrows done and socialise in close proximity… I feel some pressure to do the same.


There is also a lot of value in learning to accept ‘no’ too.

On that basis, a lot of energy and focus goes into the customer experience to create positive parameters and boundaries. In effect this is about how we say ‘no’ to our clients without upsetting the apple cart or negatively impacting brand perception.

But what about other relationships and how we respond to no. Because our broader network can have a significant impact on brand perception and business health too. When it comes to your suppliers, having a reputation for being difficult or unpleasant to work with can have a damaging affect, just as much as a negative Google review can.

I’d like to share a collection of short stories about Two Fingers Terry, Gaslight Gary and Condescending Colin. Names changed to protect their egos.

And it got me thinking about the pressure to conform in business too.

~ Post daily
~ Do stories
~ Do lives
~ Send emails
~ Make offers
~ Connect in DMs
~ Comment, like, share!

I feel the pressure of those things in a similar way.

Freedom Day in NSW
Freedom Day in NSW

And then I reminded myself… that’s where brand comes in. 

Because business and life isn’t just about showing up, putting yourself out there, posting the loudest! 

It’s about feeling aligned and authentic. Well for me it is anyway. 

I’ll do the things. And I’ll do them in my own time, in my own way.

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve built a more than OK business (6 years and growing) with barely a post on socials until recently, and sporadic emails at best. 

Because when you’ve got a strong brand, with clear honest messaging, and a product/experience that delivers, you don’t need to ‘hustle’.

I’m confident I’ll work with the people who want to work with me. I know I’ll go all in and do an amazing job for them. And they will tell their friends.

I’ll go with the flow. Share the insights and messages that matter when they come rather than forcing it. My brand clarity gives me the confidence to do what I need to do when it needs to be done.

It doesn’t mean staying hidden always and forever. It means you can get a balance that suits you.

The post can wait. The stories can run dry. And that’s OK.

Just like the barbecues, the trip to the hairdresser and the sushi can wait for a little bit longer too.

Big (virtual) hugs,

Freedom Day in NSW

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