Become an elevated creative with the confidence, clients, creative space and cashflow to lead your business

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The Creative Value Incubator is a 12 month, high-touch program with 8 module intensive for brand, graphic and web designers to confidently communicate their value, become more valuable and feel more valued.


The 12 month program with 8 module intensive for brand, graphic and web designers that will elevate your value. Get confidence, clients, creative space and cashflow so you love and stay in love with your business.

Join the guest list for the next live intensive starting on 17 July 2023

Well hello there!

The Creative Value Incubator is a ‘no-stone-unturned’ program to support brand, graphic & web designers to grow and thrive

The Creative Value Incubator is a ‘no-stone-unturned’ program to support brand, graphic & web designers to grow and thrive

Over 12 months we’ll work on the fundamentals for creative business success which I’ve learned and practiced during my 20+ years in the industry.

Let’s imagine for a second…

You’re working with clients who love and value your work

You’re making money rather than working all the hours and wondering where it all went

You’re not reliant on creative agencies who want creativity on tap and give you the dud briefs

You manage your time rather than feeling pressured by the dreaded timesheet!

You feel confident quoting for projects and communicating your value

Client service feels organised and easy not like a creativity drain

You feel in charge of the creative process, not that the project or client is dictating to you

Not quite how things are shaping up?

Here’s the thing

Creative is a talent you have, business is a skill you can learn

I’m not here to teach you to be creative. We’re always learning, but I’m assuming that’s something you are all over.

For many creatives, it’s the business skills that are elusive. Going out on your own as a creative can be scary. But when you’re bright-eyed and bushy tailed, it’s also an amazing prospect… freedom to manage your own time, pick your own projects and honour your creativity.

But many creatives soon realise it’s not quite as easy as falling off a log. After all, no one’s teaching you how to price your work, manage difficult clients, run a studio or pay yourself properly in Design School – or was I off that day?

There are plenty of courses out there to build your email list, nail your socials or DIY your website, but it’s all tactics. Those things might bring the work, but they won’t help you when you’re working all the hours, managing stroppy clients, have nothing to show for your efforts and feel no one values your creativity like you do.

Brand Coaching Program
Brand Coaching Program

We’re in this together

The Creative Value Incubator is for freelancers ready to go it alone and designers and brand-led creatives who want to go from surviving to thriving.

This program will give you resources, insights and strategies to develop a brilliant business-side to match your clever creative-side.

The program is taught by me, Bec Hughes. I’m a strategy, design, and business development leader who went from agency-land to running my own successful brand and design consultancy.

In our 8 weeks together, we’ll step through my Creative Growth Wireframe which is specifically tailored to the challenges and opportunities for designers and brand-led creatives in business.

What I want is to see other creatives succeed. Feel valued. Feel in control of their time, work and money. Feel that this business-thing was a good idea after all. And they wouldn’t want to be doing anything else but their own thing.

What’s that?

Is this right for you?

The Creative Value incubator is for brand-led designers and creatives who want to get serious about growing their business with integrity and intention…

But reality looks like:

 You’re caught up working in your business and never get the opportunity to invest or work on your business

 Your clients are walking all over you and don’t value your creative work

 You always over-invest and don’t get paid for it, meaning profit is just pie-in-the-sky

 You’re starting to lose your creative mojo because of the daily grind

 You’re over #freelancerlife and want to take charge of your own time, money and work

 It feels like other designers in your industry have their sh*t together but you don’t

 You’re starting to wonder if it would just be better to get a full-time job than go it alone

 You never charge enough and end up feeling ripped off at the end of a project

 Clients are being demanding and unreasonable and you’re tired of the conflict

 Your inbox is overflowing with unread emails and invoices aren’t up to date because you hate doing the admin

In the Creative Value Incubator you will learn…

 Mindset: How to manage your headspace to deal with creative fatigue, difficult clients and difficult conversations so you’re ready to take the rough with the smooth

 Magnetism: Develop your message, service offer and marketing tools to create a business and personal brand that connects with your perfect people so you attract the creative work and clients you love

 Magic in the Method: Learn to sell your strategy and get paid for your process to amplify the value and impact of your work

 Manage & Maintain: Craft a dreamy client service experience from beginning to end so clients keep coming back for more and tell anyone who’ll listen about you

 Money: Become a financial whizz, from quoting with confidence to managing your cashflow and making sure you get a regular pay-day

 Mechanics: No agency survived on a wing and a prayer. They have solid internal processes that ensure everything gets done and no-one falls over. Everyone’s happy!

 Momentum: Build your profile as the in-demand creative you want to be – no more creative project feast or famine

Business Coach for Creatives

Are you ready to become the creative & business billie whizz you’ve been dreaming about?

Are you ready

to become the creative & business billie whizz you’ve been dreaming about

This is where you’ll find structured, practical, actionable support for your creative business from someone who’s been there… right there is your shoes.

The Program

 8 module program of structured, focused content specific to business growth in the brand-led creative industry

 Weekly live sessions to take you through the content for the week ahead and ensure you get the most from it

 Downloadable resources, videos and workbooks to support each of the content modules

 A regroup and implementation week with no additional content so you can reflect and put things into practice

 12 months access including all new content updates

The Mentoring

 Monthly Creative Director Critique to get guidance and Input on a creative project of your choice

 Closed Facebook group so you can connect and share your thoughts and questions with me and other like-minded creatives

The Coaching

 Weekly 30 minute Q&A to keep you crystal clear and on track

 12 months of monthly coaching sessions outside of live rounds to keep you accountable and building momentum

 2 x 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me to use whenever you want during our 12 months together

 Upgrade option to add 2 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions with me (for an investment of $660 when the usual fee is $850)

Business Coach for Creatives

What’s on the inside…

Module 1 – Set Your Intentions

In this first module we’ll take a moment to breathe and have a wide angle, helicopter view of your business. This will help you understand what really needs focus and to set intentions that reflect what you want.

>> Pinpoint key areas for growth

>> Clarify your personal and business priorities

>> Create an aligned vision and goal setting

Bec Hughes Creative Business Coach

Module 2 – Self

In week 2 we’re going to set you up with the foundations for a strong self-belief and mindset to take your business forward. So much of business success is actually what you think and believe.

>> Understanding and taking control of some of the most common mindset challenges for creatives

>> Tackling thought gremlins such as comparisonitis and imposter syndrome

>> Developing your magnetic personal brand so you can confidently connect with your perfect people

Module 3 – Sustainability

In module 3 we focus on building a business that you love and stay in love with.

>> Balancing your creative and business time, and preventing creative burn-out

>> Setting and sticking to your non-negotiables and boundaries

>> Cultivating your belief in your creative work and creating the perfect environment for creative space and flow

>> Developing powerful productivity practices so you feel in flow not like you’re floundering!

Design Business Audit

Module 4 – Strategy

In module 4 we’ll focus on the strategic spring board for your creative business, this all about Business and Brand Strategy.

>> Get laser focused on your business vision

>> Set intentional financial goals​

>> Define who you’re for and your niche so you 100% play to your strengths

>> Build strong strategic brand foundations with my Brand Value framework

>> Give shape to your message and tone of voice so you communicate with clarity

>> Check in on your visual brand to ensure it supports your strategic ambitions

Module 5 – Solutions

In module 5 we get into one of the areas I’m most passionate about, and that’s elevating your value as a creative in business. We will develop your unique creative approach and give you the tools to package and share that in a way that raises your confidence, conviction and perception as a high value creative.

>> Align your services and pricing with your financial goals

>> Define and package your service offer

>> Work on your consultant mindset so you develop conviction and confidence as a creative leader

>> Price your creative solutions for profit

>> Create a key asset to communicate your value with absolute clarity

Creative Business Support | The Creative Clique
Creative Business Support | The Creative Clique

Module 6 – Studio

In week 6 we will set you up with the processes and systems so your studio runs like a well-oiled machine. A well run studio is the fuel for every other part of your creative business. It will keep you sane, give you creative space to create your best work, give your clients a great experience and ensure you manage your money well. 

>> Maximising your creative time and adopting effective productivity practices

>> Transparent processes and clarity to control scope and manage your profit 

>> Seamless workflow and project management tools

>> Best practice tools and systems to manage your financials

Module 7 – Service

Clients are often won on creativity, but they stay and recommend you based on service and experience. In week 7 you’ll learn how to become a client service gun so you can fill the role of trusted advisor and learn to lead the client rather than them leading you.

>> Client management principles 101

>> Managing difficult client conversations and getting the best project outcomes

>> Create a memorable client experience

>> Put in place the tools and systems for an effective, transformative and profitable creative process

Creative Business Support | The Creative Clique

Module 8 – Scale

In week 8 you will start to build growth momentum in your business with the tools and action plan to raise your profile and create strong connections with the right people. This is where you will step up as a creative leader and be seen for the value creator you are.

>> Developing an aligned marketing plan and creating your marketing calendar

>> Essential marketing tools to elevate and expand your impact

>> Build a lead generation funnel to create a steady flow of pre-qualified clients

>> The 9 R’s for building momentum in your creative business


Payment Options:

You can pay in full and save: One-time payment in full of AU$1650 inc GST
(save up to $330)


Spread your investment over 4 monthly payments of AU$440 inc GST
(total investment is AU$1760)


Spread your investment over 12 monthly payments of AU$165 inc GST
(total investment is AU$1980)


Bec Hughes | Mentor to Designers and Creatives

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